Dani Pérez apuesta por el «modelo Barcelona» para afrontar el problema de la vivienda en Málaga

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Málaga, a City in Need of a Fresh Approach to Housing

In a bold move, the Secretary General of the PSOE in Málaga, Dani Pérez, has called for a radical overhaul of the city's housing market, inspired by the innovative approach of Barcelona's Mayor, Jaume Collboni. Pérez believes that Málaga's chronic housing shortage can only be addressed by adopting a similar model, which prioritizes the needs of local residents over the interests of speculators and tourists.

A Moratorium on Short-Term Rentals

Pérez has urged the city to impose a moratorium on short-term rentals, which have driven up housing prices and pushed out long-term residents. He argues that this policy would help to free up housing stock for local families and individuals, and reduce the city's reliance on tourism.

Reducing the Number of Tourist Apartments

The Secretary General has also called for a reduction in the number of apartments being converted into tourist rentals, which has contributed to the city's housing crisis. He believes that this would help to restore the city's housing market to its original purpose, which is to provide affordable and secure housing for its residents.

Eliminating Unnecessary Rentals

In a bold move, Pérez has even suggested that some tourist apartments may need to be eliminated altogether, in order to make way for more affordable and sustainable housing options. This radical approach is a clear signal that the PSOE is committed to taking bold action to address Málaga's housing crisis.

A City for Its Residents, Not Just Tourists

Pérez's vision for Málaga is one of a city that is truly for its residents, not just tourists. He believes that the city's housing market should be designed to meet the needs of local families and individuals, rather than catering to the demands of tourists and speculators.

A Fresh Approach to Housing in Málaga

In conclusion, Dani Pérez's call for a fresh approach to housing in Málaga is a bold and timely move. By adopting a similar model to Barcelona, Málaga can begin to address its chronic housing shortage and restore the city's housing market to its original purpose. It is a vision that is rooted in a deep understanding of the city's needs and a commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for its residents.

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