Jubrique instala en la vía pública una estación para reparar bicicletas

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The Village of Jubrique Installs a Bicycle Repair Station

In the picturesque village of Jubrique, nestled in the Serranía de Ronda mountain range, the local government has taken a proactive step to promote sustainable transportation and encourage cycling enthusiasts. The municipality has installed a bicycle repair station in a public area, providing cyclists with a convenient and practical solution to maintain their vehicles.

The initiative is part of the village's efforts to promote eco-friendly mobility and reduce its carbon footprint. The repair station is equipped with various tools and equipment, allowing cyclists to perform routine maintenance and repairs on their bikes. This not only benefits local residents but also tourists who visit the area, making it easier for them to explore the beautiful surroundings on two wheels.

The installation of the repair station is a testament to the village's commitment to sustainable development and its dedication to providing high-quality services to its residents and visitors. By providing a convenient and accessible repair facility, the municipality is encouraging cycling as a viable mode of transportation, which not only benefits the environment but also contributes to the local economy.

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