Las 18 viviendas de protección oficial de Huerta de los Cristales estarán listas en septiembre

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Headline: New Affordable Housing Development in Marbella: 18 Apartments for Rent to Young People

Subheading: The former headquarters of the Official School of Languages in Marbella will be transformed into 18 apartments for rent, a project that aims to provide affordable housing to young people in the municipality.


The new development, located on Calle Huerta de los Cristales, will be the first completed project of its kind in Marbella since the city announced its plan to build 700 affordable homes. With 60% of the work already completed, the project is expected to be finished by September. The apartments will be available for rent, with monthly prices starting at €190 for a two-bedroom apartment and €130 for a one-bedroom apartment. Two of the one-bedroom apartments will be reserved for people with disabilities.

The renovation of the building, which dates back to 1986, has included the demolition of the façade, walls, and installations, but has not affected the foundation, structure, or staircase of the building. The 14 two-bedroom apartments have a total area of 63 square meters, while the four one-bedroom apartments have a total area of 55 square meters, distributed across the five floors of the building, including the attic.

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