Málaga es la provincia andaluza menos tradicional para poner nombre a los hijos: sólo un 6% heredan el de sus padres

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Málaga: The Province with the Least Tradition of Passing Down Names

When it comes to naming children, Málaga is the Andalusian province that gives the least weight to tradition. According to data from 2023, only 6.3% of newborns in Málaga inherited their parents' names, which is significantly lower than the regional average of 9.5%. Córdoba, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach, with 12.4% of newborns bearing the same name as their parents.

This trend is consistent across the province, with Málaga capital leading the way. Here, the top names for girls are María, Lucía, Sofía, Lola, and Valeria, while Hugo, Martín, and Thiago take the top spots for boys. In contrast, Marbella and Mijas exhibit a strong preference for tradition, with María and Hugo being the most popular names for girls and boys, respectively.

In Málaga, the ranking of popular names is more fluid, with new names entering the top 10. In 2023, the top names for girls were María, Lucía, Sofía, Lola, and Vega, with Sofía rising four positions from the previous year. For boys, Hugo, Martín, and Alejandro dominated the top three, with Thiago, Enzo, and Leo also rising in popularity.

Ranking of Names in Andalusia

According to Andalusian data from 2023, María and Manuel retained their long-standing positions as the most popular names in the region. María held onto its top spot for the fifth consecutive year, while Manuel reclaimed its position after a brief challenge from Hugo in 2022. Meanwhile, Lucía and Sofía remained steady at second and third places, respectively, for girls. In the case of boys, Hugo and Martín held firm at the top, while Alejandro climbed to third, and Pablo rose to the top 5.

Andalusian Tendencies

As the data highlights, Andalusian provinces exhibit different trends. Málaga, as mentioned, prioritizes new names, while provinces like Córdoba and Huelva adhere to tradition. Other regions, such as Seville, tend to mirror the regional trends. In conclusion, this analysis confirms the diversity of names within Andalusia.

The 100 most popular names in Andalusia highlight the following patterns. Laia jumped 146 to 95th, Marcelo rose to 88, Nerea fell from 74 to 93, and the following names dropped further: Sofia, Lucía, María, and more.

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