Retoman el proyecto de la ampliación de La Bajadilla que avanza en sus trámites ambientales

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La Bajadilla's Long-Awaited Revamp: A New Era for Marbella's Port

After years of stagnation, the expansion of La Bajadilla Port in Marbella is finally back on track. The Junta de Andalucía has published the environmental authorization agreement in the Official Gazette, marking a crucial step towards the project's development. The public has 30 days to submit their comments, after which the project will be evaluated based on its environmental and health impact.

The UTE Marina Internacional, led by the jeque Abdullah ben Nasser Al Thani, has taken over the project, which was initially awarded to them in 2011. The new port will have a capacity for over 1,200 vessels, including cruise ships, megayachts, and high-end boats. The project is expected to create around 500 jobs during the construction phase, 1,000 to 1,500 in the operational phase, and 3,000 direct employment opportunities.

The project's revival comes as a welcome boost to the local economy, which has been impacted by the port's stagnation. The new port will not only provide a modern and efficient infrastructure but also enhance the overall experience for visitors and locals alike.

Other Port Projects in the Works

In addition to the La Bajadilla expansion, the city of Marbella is also planning to revamp the Puerto de la Virgen del Carmen. The project, which is still in its early stages, aims to transform the area into a vibrant hub for commerce, leisure, and sustainability. The city's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has emphasized the importance of the project, which will include the reorganization of 350 berths, the relocation of the Captaincy building, and the installation of solar panels and small desalination plants.

The project's scope is ambitious, with over 20 lines of action aimed at improving the port's infrastructure, services, and environmental sustainability. The city's goal is to create a world-class port that will attract visitors and businesses from around the world.

A New Era for Marbella's Ports

The revival of La Bajadilla Port and the planned revamp of Puerto de la Virgen del Carmen mark a new era for Marbella's ports. The city is poised to become a major hub for maritime activity, tourism, and commerce, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. As the projects move forward, the city's residents and visitors can look forward to a brighter future for Marbella's ports.

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