Un donante para Iván y para todos los que necesitan un trasplante de médula

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In the face of adversity, Alvaro Ruiz and Maribel Jiménez chose not to cower in fear, but to fight back with courage and determination. They, along with their 9-year-old son, Iván, have been living through the toughest of times, with Iván fighting against leucemia linfoblástica tipo B, a relentless battle that has lasted for years. Despite the challenges they've faced, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to overcome this hurdle and bring hope back to their family.

In an attempt to spread awareness about the importance of stem cell donation, the family has taken it upon themselves to share their journey on social media. With the launch of a new video, they hope to inform others about the misconceptions and mysteries surrounding stem cell donation, in order to encourage more people to become part of the "worldwide bank" that connects donors with patients in need. The process is simple: one simply needs to visit a blood bank to take a sample and become a registered donor. And, if they're a perfect match, they can literally change lives.

However, as the family is keenly aware, this journey is not without its obstacles. Medical centers and hospitals worldwide must grapple with the complexities of matching stem cell donors with patients, and compatibility alone is not enough to ensure a successful outcome. Moreover, the scarcity of healthy donors, particularly in some countries, raises significant concerns. Yet, with advances in technology and medical breakthroughs, they remain hopeful that progress can be made.

Through their own ordeal, Alvaro and Maribel have come to understand the significance of "unity" and "courage" in the face of adversity. By choosing to focus on the positivity and resilience of their family, they're providing Iván with a fighting spirit that will help him overcome this immense challenge. As they put it themselves, "we must stay united in this battle, and I'll go through anything for my son. After all, being a parent means pushing forward, no matter what lies ahead."

By sharing their story, Alvaro, Maribel, and Iván hope to inspire others to make a difference in the lives of those in need, one stem cell donation at a time.

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